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 Ito Dojo, Annual White Elephant and Potluck Dec 21 Sat @ Tigard Dojo


Promotion Test will be held on Thursday December 19 for Aloha Dojo Students.January 4, 2020 for Tigard Dojo.

Karate Training gives children confidence, self-esteem, and learning how to focus when they are learning self-defense skills. For adults, this is the best exercise and provides a wonderful stress management skill.


Kyokushin Tezuka Group World Tournament 2020

 October 4, 2020 at Sendai-city, Japan 



Next Promotion Test

January 4, 2020

Official Tezuka Group Karate-gi

Sold out! Thank you.




Tigard Dojo Schedule:


  Culture Karate Kids Karate Adults  

5~5: 55 pm

6~7:00 pm  

5-5:55 pm

6~7:00 pm
Fri   5~5:55 pm 11 am-12 pm

6:-7:00 pm
Sat   5~6:15 pm
3:30-5:00 pm


Aloha/Beaverton Dojo Schedule:

  Kids & Adult




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About Kyokushin Karate Tezuka Group           


    Tezuka Group was founded by Kaicho Toru Tezuka, and HQ is located in Chiba, Japan. After Sosai Mas Oyama passed, Kyokushinkaikan was separated into several major groups. Tezuka group was established in year 2000, Kaicho Toru Tezuka was the only leader who carries true Japanese spirit and he has the method to educate our younger generation to the right path. Today group is led by Nidai Kaicho Yoshimichi Mori from Sendai Japan.


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Increment Weather

Our dojo obserbs Beaverton School District's decision for increment weather.

Your safety is the most important, please prioritize it.

Acupuncture Clinic

Tuesday ~ Thursday

9:00 ~ 3:00pm by Appointment


Jujutsu Class

@ Aloha Jujutsu & Karate

Jujutsu is another tradition of Japanese martial arts, 

it is even good for women and older folks' self-defense. 


Class is supervised by Sandaikichu Kaiden Shihan, Jesus Bonilla, 

who regularly teaches at 18639 SWTV Hwy, Aloha, OR 97003 

We are currently accepting new students! Call 971-708-4744